about the author


wife and mother, currently abiding in northern california. my hubs and i met when I was a senior in high school and he was an intern in my church youth group... the rest is history ;) we're now a military family as my husband serves in the united states army. i'm mostly enjoying overly sweet caffeinated bevs all day every day, making our tiny apartment a cozy home, and caring for my sweet (wild) babe all day long while growing babe number two... but don't let pretty pictures fool you. some days are really really hard and don't include all those instagram-worthy things. some days motherhood is anything but enjoyable, but it sure is amazing.

my heart is for women and mothers; and showing that it's so good to be real and transparent and it's actually really beautiful, even when it's messy. doing my best to not sweat the small stuff, and clinging to what is good. imperfect follower of jesus, doing my best to put myself in the shoes he walked in. constantly living in the abundance of grace we've been gifted.