a baby 'sprinkle' for mabel

Being that my girls will barely be 17 months apart, and, they're both girls... we really didn't need much for Mabel! I still wanted a little something to celebrate her coming arrival with a few close friends and family before heading off into a new state. One of my best friends Jess of Oak + Ash was able to create such a lovely brunch and every detail was perfect! My sweet friend Jillian of Jillian Gorman Photography and Maven Market Box not only captured these beautiful photos, but also gifted one of her new boxes from her business launching later this month! Seriously, my heart left this little brunch SO full and grateful.

 Jessica creates magic out of everything her hands touch, believe me. I'm so honored to have been celebrated by her and that she curated such a perfect and beautiful setting to do so. I'll miss you so my friend!

Jessica creates magic out of everything her hands touch, believe me. I'm so honored to have been celebrated by her and that she curated such a perfect and beautiful setting to do so. I'll miss you so my friend!


I was voice-texting my friend Katie on my way to the shower, because we didn't carpool even though we're basically neighbors and she asked if I wanted Starbucks and I told her how I was late because I got on the wrong freeway... anyways. I was expecting her to show up at the same time as Nora and I... but we didn't see them for like 10 minutes after we arrived. Then when I saw her walking with her girls AND my bff (Nora's godmama) who lives in Florida (she moved back home to FL last November. We were roommates a couple years ago and were pretty much inseparable)... I was shocked and completely surprised! I started crying right away. We just found out last week that she's expecting her first babe, so it was just all around so exciting and made the day extra special! The last I'd seen her was at her wedding in April, days before DJ shipped out for basic training... and since we were moving and I'm having Mabel so soon, we just had no idea when we'd see each other again. It was amazing and I'm so grateful for the sweetest surprise!

 30 weeks vs 8 weeks ;)

30 weeks vs 8 weeks ;)


I feel incredibly honored and privileged to do life with these women (plus a small bunch that weren't able to make it this day). This past year; and specifically the last six months have been challenging to say the least but I haven't been entirely alone and the ladies here plus a few others have really helped shape this season into something lovely and something I'll forever be so grateful for.

Thank you Jess for this gathering; for creating something so beautiful even in the midst of pure exhaustion. I'll miss you more than words can express and I'm honestly just so thankful you sent me that Instagram DM a couple years ago. Our friendship is one I'll always hold dearly.

Thank you Katie and Mal for the sweetest surprise, and for being there for me the last several years. I love you both beyond words. I'm grateful to now have walked through pregnancy with both of you! The endless voice texts, working together all at different times but all together... it's still crazy to me how our paths were interweaved. I'll voice text you the rest ;)

Thank you Jill for the lovely gifts from Maven to these stunning photos. Your friendship the last several months has been so so sweet! You are crazy gifted and I'm honored that I got to be part of your work and watch so many amazing things unfold in the journey.

And thank you to everyone else who's been there and just shown up as friend, support, encouragement, brunch, and whatever else. I am SO grateful!!! Nora and I have been so blessed by your presence in our live; whether blood or chosen, we're family. I love you all and my heart is full. I'm grateful that I'll have reason to be sad during our "goodbyes" next month... it just means I haven't walked this journey alone and I really do have people I can call and catch up with (outside of social media ;) now you all have to come visit so you can love on Mabel and Nora <3