collecting bebe things for Mabel with NuRoo


This post is shared in partnership with Nuroo Baby. All product choices and opinions are my own.

One of the great things about having two girls is all the hand-me-downs. Seriously! But it's also crazy to me how just within a year SO many new things have come out for babies and new mamas. But also, Nora was born in the VERY hot summer while we lived in an upstairs apartment in Northern California. Seriously so hot... she pretty much lived in onesies and diapers and I lived in nursing bras and shorts haha.

Our sweet Mabel will be born mid-winter, and in the state of Washington! So there's actually a surprisingly amount of things we never needed with Nora, but are now collecting for Mabey... which I don't mind. Give me all the sweet baby things!


One thing I'm so excited about is this incredibly versatile Nursing Scarf. It has snaps which allow you to customize the scarf to your needs! You can wear it as an accessory, then unsnap as needed to cover while nursing. Seriously so perfect. They have so many different color and pattern options so you can honestly have a few on hand to go with different outfits! I love this neutral herringbone :)


Another thing I am really excited to use with baby Mae is this amazing Pocket shirt. It allows you to have skin-to-skin with your baby, while also being hands free! If you've been following me at all, you KNOW I love baby wearing. But this is totally different... allowing you to be dressed (ha!) and also have that beautiful and much needed skin-to-skin time while hands free. Seriously... it doesn't get much better. Especially since I'll have Nora to chase after as well, I think this will get a LOT of love and use. I love that it's black and so it's neutral and all you need to do if it's cooler weather like we'll have, is throw on a hoodie or sweater. It's perfect and I'm so excited to use it!


NuRoo has a whole bunch of amazing products carefully considering the needs and desires for both mama and babe. Be sure to check out everything else they have to offer! The best (and my personal favorite) part? THEY'RE ON AMAZON. I love Amazon Prime. So whenever an amazing mama-friendly company offers on Amazon I'm like, sign-me-up!

A few other things we're loving gathering for baby Mabel: Bows from All The Little Bows, Riv&Co (linked below), and Fourth + Pierce. Little Darling Onesie: Milo's Corner. Knotted Gowns: Honey Babe. Hand-knit Blanket: Windy Knits Co (linked below). Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeper. Moses Basket: we actually found this at a secondhand store before Nora was born, but I'm linking similar below <3.